How To Win
At The Dog Races
(The Intermediate and Advanced Courses are a MUST for horse handicappers!)

The Intermediate and Advances courses will help you win exacta, trifecta and superfecta
wagers on the Triple Crown Races -- The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont --
~ At the track or via simucast ~

A 4 part series of videos by Chris Carl, one of America's top handicappers!

Got the dvds thanks. I already viewed them. Great info, I handicap using the computer (quickdog)
I am pretty good but the part that really helped was the bet structuring, I think that’s just as
important if not more, thanks. Jose, Miami, FL


Fast delivery, very friendly service and great DVDs! Thank you very much! Tim, Germany

Hi folks.

My name is Chris Carl. I love dogs, and winning money on greyhound races literally changed my life.

In 1994 I signed over $65,000 in IRS W2G forms (see photo below) for my wins at greyhound racing. Those were just my winning tickets for more than $600. I won countless other wagers for under $600. I invested some of the money in a real estate business and I used part of it to write and produce a four part series of videos called "How To Win BIG MONEY At The Dog Races". I sold thousands of those VHS videos here in the US and taught many people how to win at the track. The Internet was just a baby then but I wanted to make a web site to sell my videos. I learned how to make a web site and I saw the huge potential that the Internet provided so I invested some more of my winnings into a web site developing and hosting business. I began to work 12 to 14 hours a day on the internet and the sale of my greyhound racing videos soon took a back seat to my internet business. I quit selling my videos altogether in 2000 because I was simply too busy with my internet business.

I just turned 65 and am now retired. Seeing simulcast races from my old stomping grounds -- The Palm Beach Kennel Club -- at a casino rekindled my interest in dog racing. I downloaded a race track program, handicapped the races, made some bets and guess what. I won. The dogs haven't changed. The programs haven't changed and now, with simulcast and online wagering, anyone can win money on dog races every day of the year.

I have now converted my original VHS videos to DVDs and updated this web site to include links to free race programs, race results, off track betting locations and online wagering sites so anyone can win no matter where they are.

Winning one big quiniela, exacta or small trifecta will more than pay for the complete set of these videos and a really big win can change your life!  In fact, in the evening races yesterday (2/28/2015) at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, the average trifecta paid over $593 and the average superfecta paid over $2,200. I can teach you how to win these huge payoffs with bets as little as $2.00. You can see that race program pages here and the race results here.

"Remember, very few people are good handicappers and even fewer people know how to structure bets.
They waste money on boxes and keys and lose out on the biggest trifecta and superfecta payoffs.
The money that those people waste will end up in your pocket if you handicap and structure bets the way that I teach you."


This best selling 4 part series of Greyhound Handicapping
videos by one of America's top handicappers is fast paced,

full of stunning race footage and loaded with winning information!

*The bet structuring and strategy featured in the Intermediate and Advanced Courses
are also must haves for horse racing and harness track fans!

See a list of Palm Beach Kennel Club Simulcast locations here!

If you use greyhound handicapping software, you owe it to yourself to learn how Chris Carl structures bets
and learn his strategy to win the exotic wagers like twin trifectas, tri-supers, quiniela doubles and bet 3's!

The Starter Course
If you don't know how to read and interpret everything in the race track program, please start here!
You need to know this information inside and out in order to understand the Basic Course.
Each dog is predictable and the past performances in the race program show you the differences in the dogs.
Learn the difference between quinielas, exactas, trifectas, superfectas, quiniela doubles, daily doubles & bet 3's

$19.95 + 4.95 S&H

The Basic Course
Learn how to handicap using Chris Carl's proven greyhound handicapping system based on different 10 criteria.
You need to know how to read everything in the race track program to take this course or you will be lost.
***Chris uses a telestrator to teach you how to determine which dogs are the fastest, which dogs will break ot top,
which dogs have closing ability, how to predict collisions and ultimately predict the finishing order of the dogs.

$29.95 + 4.95 S&H

The Intermediate Course
Chris explains each type of bet and teaches you how to structure winning bets based on the handicapping he teaches in the Basic Course.
Learn how to make winning bets for less money and why boxes and keys can be a waste of money and not include dogs that can easily place or show.
The Intermediate Course is a must for greyhound fans as well as horse and harness racing fans.
See Pat C Rendezvous's World Record Winning Streak come to an end and see how Chris predicted the finishing order!

$29.95 + 4.95 S&H

The Advanced Course
Learn Chris' strategy to win the exotic bets like quiniela doubles, twin trifectas & tri-supers.
Learn how to change your strategy when a Twin Trifecta or Tri-Super is capped and there is a manditory pay out.
Learn how to establish a budget, a primary and a secondary goal.
Learn Chris' 10 sure fire tips for closely contested races.
See a $30,000 Tri-Super being won -- and HOW it was won!

$29.95 + 4.95 S&H

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Free S&H - Save $29.45!

~ The Complete Set of All 4 Courses On DVDs ~

Thousands of these individual VHS videos were sold at 39.45.
Now you can buy them on DVD - WIN BIG and save!

One win at the track or OTB location will easily pay for the complete set of these new DVD's!

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